Our Arabians are carefully selected from Egyptian stock with lineage on all sides going back to EAO and Desert-bred horses. Unless otherwise noted all of our Arabians are Blue List Asil.


Our stock horses are selected from the top Western Pleasure, hunter, and working type horses. We strive for great minds, flawless conformation, and color.


We also have the occasional sport horse coming through. These horses have great minds, beauty and are used in Dressage.


Our American Pitbull Terriers are generally used in Shutzhund and Obedience events. Our Pits are carefully bred and socialized to ensure minimal dog aggression.  We also do not tolerate aggression towards humans in our program and cull any dogs displaying aggression. We strive to promote this breed for what it truly is, instead of the negative stereotype of a vicious breed.

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Our  Story

Briarwood Arabians was founded in 2008 in the game Horses Forever, and originally named Bismillah Arabians. We focused on Arabians and Kathiawaris, though we had a huge variety of breeds after some time.

The former divisions still correspond to some of the prefixes and suffixes you may see. Pinewood Performance Horses(PPH) housed our stock horses who were shown in everything from barrel racing to cutting to western pleasure to hunters. Fajr Estate(later renamed New Frontier Estate, FE) housed our racers and endurance horses. In that division we discovered our lovely 2 time HFERC Tevis Cup winner Maharaja and our nearly undefeated AQHA racer, Dine N Dash, both of whom still reside here. And of course, Pegasus Acres(PA), which housed our sport horse Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods. This division was much smaller, but rather successful. Our main division, Briarwood Arabians(BAI) devoted itself to the Straight Egyptian Arabian. With our lovely foundation broodmare, Egyptian Shahidah, and her amazing son, TheeEgyptianInfidel BAI, among many others, we were able to make a name for ourselves as a quality Egyptian Arabian breeding program.

After leaving HF and being forced to take a break from SIM due to health issues, Briarwood Arabians became almost a distant memory. As we rebuild, we hope to once again become the same level we were before.

Attention: BAI is in the process of moving to a new location. Please forgive the mess. If you have homebreds with me, I will be getting new pages to you ASAP. Please be patient!